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Baby On Board Surf - Sticker

Baby On Board Surf - Sticker

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This design measures:
small - 7" wide
medium - 10" wide
large - 14" wide
x-large - 23" wide


Vinyl Sticker Application Instructions

The vinyl sticker is actually in three pieces - they're just all stuck together. They are:
1. Transfer Tape - The foggy paper covering your vinyl decal.
2. Vinyl Decal - The actual design that you spent your hard-earned $$$ on.
3. Paper Backing - The paper that is backing your vinyl decal (duh).

Step 1.
Clean the area that you want to stick the decal to. The sticker will not stick properly if the area is dirty. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the area. Then allow the area to dry.

Step 2.
Peel the transfer tape off the paper backing. When doing this, make sure the vinyl decal remains stuck to the transfer tape.

Step 3.
Apply the transfer tape (vinyl decal side down) to the cleaned area. Using a drivers license or credit card as a flat edge, slowly squeegee the decal onto the surface (moving from top to bottom), making sure you forced out any air bubbles as you go.

Step 4.
Once all the air bubbles are out, carefully peel up the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl in place.  Note, if  you still have air bubbles you can poke a hole in it with a pin and squeegee out the air.

Step 5.
For best results allow 24 hours before the decal gets wet.

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