The Gear I Trust

Over the years I've built relationships with companies, tested their products, and endorsed those products. Here are some links to those brands that I trust.

Tsunami Tackle and Bimini Bay Outfitters - Out of all the gear I use this is what I use the most. I wear their cloths and fish their gear just about every single day. 

Route 1 Motorsports - In 2019 SeaDoo came out with the SeaDoo Fish Pro. I headed over to Route 1 Motorsports in Malabar, Florida to test it out and have been having fun on it since then.

RCI Optics - I've known these guys since before RCI Optics were even a thing. I wear their glasses every day and love the quality, performance, and comfort.

Action Hat - I met Rex, the owner/inventor of Action Hat when he was just getting started and ever since then I've been using his products to film my fishing adventures.

Fish Gum - Tony, the inventor of Fish Gum, sent me samples long before he was selling a product to the masses. It works great in the surf for fish like Pompano and Whiting, but that's not all. I often use it to catch bait like Pinfish and even bottom fishing offshore for Triggerfish, Snapper, and Porgy.

Florida Freedivers - I've been shopping here since around 2005. They are located in Palm Beach, Florida and have an online store. Florida Freedivers has everything you need for diving and spearfishing.

Sord Fishing Products - This is one of the more recent companies I've been working with and I'm very happy with the products. I've used their knifes and titanium pliers for a while now and I'm very happy with the products.